In 1974, a militant, fringe political group kidnapped teenage newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst from her Berkeley apartment. In the months that followed, Hearst, the Symbionese Liberation Army (S.L.A.), and their constant, paramilitary audio messages dominated headlines globally. Using a treasure trove of archival footage, audio material and an exclusive interview with S.L.A. founder Russ Little, the film follows the bizarre saga from the establishment of the S.L.A., through the kidnapping, Hearst's conversion to her captors' cause, and the bank robberies  and shootouts that followed.

A fascinating and absorbing glimpse into a revolution that was televised.

Four years in the making Guerrilla is an extensively researched look at the rise and fall of the Symbionese Liberation Army - a misdirected group of idealistic American university students, dedicated to the rights of black prisoners and the working class. They became a combat unit in 1973 with a mandate to violently overthrow the US Government and manipulate the media to advance their message.

The main focus of Guerrilla is the kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst and the media circus that followed. Adding more fuel to the fire was Hearst herself, who appeared to change horse mid-stream, to become a gun toting SLA member.Director Robert Stone combed through thousands of hours of footage to deliver a finely balanced reconstruction of these events. Revealing interviews with former SLA members intercut with excerpts from the 1938 movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood, heighten the absurdity of the SLA\'s mission. A fascinating and absorbing glimpse into a revolution that was televised.