Hal, Jack Black, isn`t exactly God`s gift to women, but the only kind of woman he wants to date is the sexy cover-girl type, and he`s pretty crass in his attempts to be charming. No wonder that Hal and his mate, Mauricio, Jason Alexander, who has similar tastes, usually wind up dateless. But then Hal gets stuck in a lift with real-life self-help motivator Tony Robbins, who casts a kind of spell on him. Hal can now only see the inner-beauty in the women he meets. So when he meets the seriously overweight Rosemary, all he can see is Gwyneth Paltrow... This is, to say the least, an original idea for a movie, and all credit to the Farrelly Brothers for that. They`re cast aside, temporarily at least, the crass, but sometimes funny, hilarity of their past work in favour of a quirky comedy which is rather too concerned to make serious points about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Gwyneth Paltrow coasts elegenatly through the film, until required to be seen in mega-far make-up, but Jack Black, so wonderful in High Fidelity and Jesus`Son, gives a strangely monotonous and, yes, shallow performance as the bewitched hero. The interesting supporting cast includes spina bifida victim Rene Kirby, who gives a dazzlingly energetic performance as one of Hal`s buddies.