Shark Tale sees Will Smith playing his favourite character, Will Smith, but this time round he's a wise cracking animated fish called Oscar, working at the local whale wash. When the son of the shark mob boss is killed, Oscar claims the credit, and gets a reputation as The Shark Slayer. Naturally, the shark mafia boss, Don Lino, voiced by Robert De Niro wants his revenge. An unlikely friendship forms between Oscar and Don Lino's vegetarian son, Lenny (Jack Black), as they hatch a plan to help each other out. Shark Tale is produced by the same crew that created Shrek, so as you'd expect, it's flooded with reasonably funny one-liners, sight gags and film references, from Jaws to Titanic. The vocal performances are excellent and the animation is striking, but it's just not as side-splittingly funny as it wants to be. There are some memorable moments, particularly legendary director, Martin Scorsese as an uptight Blowfish, but overall - Shark Tale lacks bite.