Inspired by North America\'s most famous female boxing promoter in a sport dominated by men, this is a fictional story about Jackie Kallen (Meg Ryan) who takes promising boxer Luther Shaw (Omar Epps) to boxing fame, with help from veteran coach Felix (Charles S. Dutton). And Kallen doesn\'t have an easy time of it....

She gave the boxing world the one-two punch they never saw coming.

This is a fictionalized account of the real life story of Jackie Kallen one of North America\'s most successful female boxing promoters. Pitted against an evil boxing manager she takes on a ghetto born drug dealing punk and tries to turn him into a champion. It is through Kallen\'s sheer persistence that he finds the confidence to enter the ring. This is sounding familiar isn\'t it? Maybe Erin Brockovich meets the Main Event. With more costume changes than a Mariah Cary concert.