Inspired by the true story of Australian child prodigy David Helfgott (Geoffrey Rush), Shine examines his journey from a childhood dominated by an overbearing father to his nervous breakdown as a young adult. When David is accepted to a prestigious music school in London as a teen, he's only too happy to escape his home life and pursue his passion for classical music. But his father's rejection and the pressures of mastering such concertos as Rachmaninoff's lead to his downward spiral into mental illness. Only the love of the one woman who truly understands him (Lynn Redgrave) can help him re-enter society and share his musical gifts with the world.

A remarkable film.

David: This is the finest biography of a troubled artist since Jane Campion's An Angel at My Table: a mature, intelligent and profoundly moving human drama of genius, loss, and ultimate redemption. ★★★★

Margaret: I love it, I think it's really an extraordinary achievement. [...] Geoffrey Rush appears on that screen and I start crying. I bawl my eyes out every time with this film. ★★★★½