Trey, Eddie Murphy, is a cop but not a very good one; his dream is to become an actor. Mitch, Robert De Niro, is a good cop and he just wants to be left alone. When T.V. producer Chase Renzi, Rene Russo, gets the idea of making a series featuring two real cops as they go about the business of catching criminals, Mitch, despite his protests, finds himself partnered with Trey. With the cameras always close by, this odd couple sets about trying to catch bad guy Vargas, Pedro Damian, who uses custom made automatic weapons with fearsome fire-power...The opening sequence of Showtime depicts how pushy television news crews can interfere, dangerously, with a police investigation, a theme explored with a lot more depth in 15 Minutes, a film in which Robert De Niro appeared last year. But Showtime isn`t really interested in media ethics - it`s a buddy comedy with action, and made in much the same style as director Tom Dey`s last film, the superior Shanghai Noon. Both De Niro and Murphy look a bit bored with this tired and familiar material, and why wouldn`t they be? We`ve seen it all before, many times, and better handled than it is here.

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1 hour 35 min