A health care tragi-comedy from Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore. The straight-shooter paints a devastating portrait of the crazy and sometimes cruel US health care system, told from the vantage of everyday people faced with extraordinary and bizarre challenges in their quest for basic health coverage.

1 Jan 2009 - 12:00 AM  UPDATED 7 Aug 2014 - 11:49 AM

Michael Moore's latest offering “Sicko” takes us into the decaying world of the American Health care system. Now before you sigh and think what does that have to do with Australians, think again 'cause it has EVERYTHING to do with us!

This entertaining, thought provoking & distressing documentary, highlights how utterly devastating the privatisation of the US health care system is to everyday Americans; a path our own country seems desperate to follow.

The film is not unlike his other documentaries in the sense that he uses graphics, archival footage and interviews to cover a lot of ground. But it is a quieter, less brazen Moore in “Sicko” and the effect is so powerful. You don't get a sense of it being all about him and his anger but of the whole sick mess.

Don't get me wrong… Moore does and always will have a strong point of view. His trademark faux naïve persona along with his suitably flummoxed looks seem to brilliantly get his message across… a technique, that in a doco of this nature makes you want to jump out of your seat and scream instead of watching Moore do it.

I cried with sadness and distress during this film. A critically ill infant is denied basic hospital care and dies all because the hospital she's transported to is not approved by her insurance company. Such stories made me fear for any country that adopts this inhumane profit driven system.

Moore, in a stroke of genius travels to Canada, France, Britian and Cuba to brilliantly show up the cracks or should I say craters in the US system.

What I enjoy most about his films, is Moore's ability to keep suprising us. Just when you think he is taking us down one path, he abruptly changes course. He tenaciously draws links between health care, Cuba, 911 and Guantanamo Bay and it is priceless.

“Sicko” is a tightly edited, moving and enlightening experience.
This is a film I urge everyone to see as it will make you think and hopefully care… I am giving it 5 stars.

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