Life for singles in New York is a blend of background, disillusionment and expectations. Tommy, played by Ed Burns himself, has just been kicked out of a three year relationship. He bunks in with his sexually predatory boss Carpo, Dennis Farina, the host of the entertainment television show Tommy produces. At a local video store he meets Maria, Rosario Dawson, who?s getting over a failed teen marriage to Benjamin, David Krumholtz, who?s reluctant to let go. That is until he meets waitress Ashley, Brittany Murphy, who resists Benjamin?s advances because she?s involved with married dentist Griffin, Stanley Tucci, who holds out the promise that he will leave his wife Annie, Heather Graham. Wryly funny ? as one character says ?Men are a disease and most of us have already been infected and as far as I know there?s no cure? ? with an effective style for its semi documentary take on life, love and sex plus terrific performances make Sidewalks of New York a really enjoyable cinema experience. It?s presented as an exploration of that need to be intimately attached in a good way to another person. Shot in 17 days that pressure seems to have worked well for the film, it has an energy, a sense of urgency, a reality that?s totally captivating.