Out-of-luck actor Duncan Wiley (Teo Gebert) is spotted by adult movie director Roger Hammond (Tony Bonner) and offered a screen test. Emerging as \'best performer\' among the hopefuls at Hammond\'s audition, Duncan is offered a starring role in his next production. Attempting to keep his new career secret from his friends and flatmates is hard enough but when Duncan falls for the charms of his co-star Emily DuBois (Melissa Bell) and strangers start recognising him, Duncan surrenders and embraces his infamy as \'Duncan the Spunkman\'. Trouble follows when villainous rival porn producer Angelo Dmitri (Terry Serio) attempts to undermine Hammond\'s business and sabotage Duncan\'s career.

A silly latter-day entry in the Alvin Purple school of Aussie sex comedies.

Six years ago, when it first went into production as The Venus Factory, this film was a drama about a porn actor who tries to go straight. As the excellent documentary, Making Venus shows, a great many calamities befell producing cousins Julian Saggers and Jason Gordon. After five years production involving the efforts of two directors, various name changes, reshoots and cuts; the film was finally finished. The end result is an amazingly coy comedy about a \'serious\' actor who becomes a porn star. The script is very light on humour, and the pacing is monotonous. Worst of all, the film seems aimed at no particular audience; it lacks the sexiness and wholesome raunch of the Alvin Purple films of 30 years ago. No director is credited, which really isn\'t surprising.