Sinbad, thief and adventurer, roams the oceans with his cutthroat crew. His former friend, Prince Proteus, has obtained a copy of the legendary Book of Peace and intends that the magic book be returned to His Kingdom; bur Eris, an evil, shape-shifting witch, wants the book for herself. Meanwhile Sinbad finds himself attracted to his friend's wife to be, Marina. This new DreamWorks animated feature isn't in the same class as earlier films from the studio like Antz and Shrek. The human characters are uninterestingly drawn, and the efforts to be PC at all costs become a little wearisome. The voice cast - Brad Pitt as Sinbad, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Marina and Joseph Fiennes - as Proteus - are adequate, but the standout in this department is Michelle Pfeiffer's nasty witch. There are some good moments - like the attack of the sea monster which comes near the beginning - but, though youngsters will probably want to see this, it won't make the lasting impression of some of its predecessors and there isn't a lot here for the mums and dads.