Robert Downey Jr. plays Dan Dark - a two-bit novelist. He?s in hospital, fighting his way back from a debilitating disease, psoriasis. Troubled by childhood memories, unfinished work and a failed relationship, he transcends through a series of hallucinations in which he becomes the character of his novel, The Singing Detective. Dan Dark can only see his plight through blinding rage. Time to call in the shrink - Mel Gibson, looking disturbingly like John Howard. The essence of the original production is retained as we traverse between comedy, drama, thriller, expressionism, noir and of course did I forget the musical.The television show was always going to be a difficult act to follow. But if you don?t know the series, it?s an entertaining couple of hoursComments by Megan SpencerThe script ? written specifically for the big screen by Dennis Potter - was great, Robert Downey Jr. and Robin Wright Penn were great? But this film adaptation of Dennis Potter?s The Singing Detective just doesn?t quite get there. A shame. In the right director?s hands (the late Bob Fosse?s perhaps?!) and with a bit more money in the budget, The Singing Detective could have been as inspired as All That Jazz.