Maddy (Anna Friel) is an expat Aussie in London with a baby boy by English git, Alex (Greg Wise), who is neither paternal nor smart - but born into the right society. Desperate Maddy gets into a frightful scrape and lands in jail. She begs her friend Gillian (Joanna Lumley) to take care of her baby until she is out, and Gillian\'s reluctance - she\'s not mother material, despite being of motherly age - turns to motherly love once baby Jack (Samuel, George and James Hart-Woods) is in her arms. But a secret adoption racket run by prison psychiatrist Dwina Phelps (Anna Masey) threatens baby Jack.

A single mother\'s postnatal state leads her on a race to save her child and her sanity.

Maddy (Anna Friel) is an Aussie in London in crisis - she`s got no money, she`s just had a baby by a guy who doesn`t want to know her (Greg Wise) her best friend`s a penis and bank account hunting babe (Joanna Lumley) and she`s just been thrown in gaol for shoplifting a pack of frozen peas that she was using to soothe her lactating breasts. Chaos is not the word for it really because things get worse when she inadvertantly signs a paper authorising the adoption of baby Jack to two total fruitcakes... Special Guest on the Movie Show for this review was Stephan Elliot (Directer of Priscilla Queen of the Desert)Rating from Stephan: 0.5