A fictionalised account of the scandal surrounding Australian artist Norman Lindsay's 'The Crucified Venus'.  In the 1930s, Lindsay was at the centre of a scandal when his painting was damned by the Church as blasphemous for its depiction of Christ as a naked woman. An Anglican minister, Anthony Campion (Hugh Grant), is sent to pay a call on Lindsay (played by Sam Neill) and, encourage him to withdraw the painting from a public exhibition. Campion and his wife (Tara Fitzgerald) spend a few days at Lindsay's remote Blue Mountains compound, where they confront disapproving locals, sensuous nude models and their own inhibitions.

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Yet another winning Australian film.

Margaret: I had a wonderful time watching this film, it's just naughty and entertaining. The humour is laconic and so Australian, epitomised by San Neill's performance as Lindsay.

David: It's a thoroughly enjoyable film, it's much funnier than I thought.