Like My Summer Of Love - another of this week?s releases - The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is also a drama about teenage girls, adapted from a popular novel from 2001 (this one was written by American author Anne Breshares). But that?s about where the similarities between these two films end - they are as different as chalk and cheese?Carmen (Real Women Have Curves? America Ferrera), Bridget (newcomer Blake Lively), Lena (Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel) and Tibby (Joan Of Arcadia?s Amber Tamblyn) are four all-American girls, fast friends since birth. It is their sixteenth summer together but this time they are going their separate ways: Bridget and Lena are travelling overseas ? Lena to visit family in Greece and Bridget to soccer camp in Mexico - while Carmen and Tibby stay with family. (Carmen visits her estranged dad and aspiring documentary maker Tibby, while stuck in her dead end job, hopes to make a ?suckumentary? to relieve the boredom). Before the holidays start the four find a pair of jeans that somehow ?magically? fit them all. The girls decide to mail the dacks to each other as a way of keeping in touch while they?re apart.The Pants starts out like an Oprah movie for teenagers. It?s all about ?self-empowerment?, ?verbalising one?s feelings? and acting like 40 year-olds. It is no accident that one of the screenwriters is an ?Ephron?, Delia, writer of children?s self-help books and sister to Sleepless In Seattle director Nora, one of the worst offenders of ?chick flickery?. But in spite of its Anthony Robbins-esque beginnings, Pants manages to transcend this ?fate worse than a talk show? in two of its storylines. Lena?s romance in Greece becomes compelling ? Alexis Bledel plays teen convincingly, uncertain and nervous, and gets some corker scenes in with her Greek family. But the film really belongs to America Ferrera, who as Carmen, really shines as the forgotten teen daughter battling her old man?s emotional paralysis and stepfamily?s cultural ignorance. It is she - this extraordinarily confident and accomplished young actress - who grounds this film in something real, giving it a much-needed boot up the pant, making each moment she?s on screen powerful and a pleasure to watch.