Paws is a family adventure about a boy, his dog and their computer. At thirteen, Zac (Nathan Cavaleri) has lost his father. His mother Amy (Rachael Blake) has remarried - to Stephen (Joe Petruzzi) a man Zac dislikes - and the family has moved to Sydney with barely a cent to their name. PC, a computer literate dog, flees from a nasty incident in which his owner is killed by Anja (Sandy Gore) a ferocious ex-girlfriend, into the arms of Zac. The bizarre friendship that develops between the lonely boy and the frightened dog is made all the more intriguing when Zac realises his new pet has a rather special gift - he is a talking computer genius. They need all those skills to evade the evil Anja who is after the missing million dollars.

Some heroes are all talk.

The market for children`s entertainment in films has been largely left to the field of animation where Disney reigns supreme; it`s unusual for an Australian film to enter the kids stakes but Paws has done it with panache. It`s a live action film about a dog, PC, who`s been instructed by his recently deceased master, played by Norman Kaye, to deliver a computer disk to Susie - Caroline Gillmer. The disc has information about a fortune which the arch villainess Anya - Sandy Gore - is desperate to get her hands on, but accidents happen and the disk ends up in a collection owned by Zac - Nathan Cavalleri. Zac is a computer whiz and so is PC; together they set up a technologically innovative communication system, and it doesn`t take long for Zac and PC to land in all sorts of trouble...This is such a nice film, easy for adults to enjoy as well as children. Musician Nathan Cavalleri is terrific in his first dramatic role; but then so is Forrest, the dog who plays PC - he really is unbelievable. Trainer Luke Hura has worked miracles Director Karl Zwicky balances the human performances very nicely around this canine star, Sandy Gore making a splendid Cruella De Ville type villain. If I have to be critical, I query the necessity of Zac`s narrative at the beginning of the film; maybe young kids need it but I certainly didn`t...and possibly the casting of young British actor Emilie Francois from Sense And Sensibility seems just a little bit out of place in this all Australian product, although Billy Connolly is the voice of PC and he works brilliantly.....I enjoyed Paws hugely.