Carlo (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) and Giulia (Laura Morante) have been married for almost 20 years but are finding it hard going, wary of each other and disconnected. His first and only novel is still unfinished and his workmates are irritating; her life seems unfulfilled since she gave up acting, and their teenage children are difficult. The younger, Paolo (Silvio Muccino), is insecure and 18 year old Valentina (Nicoletta Romanoff) is ambitious to become a tits and arse tv game show dancer. When Carlo runs into his old flame, Alessia (Monica Bellucci), he quickly falls for her again, just as Giulia is flirting with a return to theatre – and a gay director. The teenagers struggle with their self esteem, as Carlo's affair rips into the marriage, but an accident brings him back to earth - and to his family. Or does it?

Some loves are never forgotten.

Giulia (Laura Morante) dreams of the acting career she never pursued and her husband of 20 years, Carlo (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), is frustrated by his unfinished novel. They blame each other, while their teenage kids, struggle with their own problems. When Carlo has an affair with an old flame, Alessia (Monica Belucci), their complacency is turned into mild chaos. Remember Me is an intimate film about a dysfunctional family. The honest performances make it feel like a real life, middle class family has been placed under a microscope and it\'s an absorbing couple of hours, as we watch them unravel.