Someone Like You is based on the old cow theory - any old bull will soon lose interest in any new cow on the block. Jackman plays Eddie Alden, the womanising television producer of a talk show hosted by the ambitious Diane Roberts, Ellen Barkin. Jane Goodale Ashley Judd is the talent booker for the show who falls for the new executive producer Ray Brown, Greg Kinnear, even though she knows he has a girlfriend in the background. Jane tries to apply the old cow theory to her relationship with Ray....I had high hopes of Someone Like You because it was directed by Tony Goldwyn who made the really enchanting A Walk on the Moon - an underappreciated film if ever there was one but perhaps Elizabeth Chandler`s screenplay defeated him from the start, it`s not witty, or particularly romantic or even insightful, so despite the best efforts of Ashley Judd who is delightful as Jane, Hugh Jackman who shows he can easily aspire to romantic leading man status and Greg Kinnear who is taking on the role of cad maybe once too often, the film falls a touch flat. There`s no exhilaration, and not a great sense of fun.