You can imagine how I would rush to see a film called Sorority Boys. You`ll be gobsmacked by the fact that I actually quite enjoyed it....It`s a frat boys comedy - this seems to be the week for them. Adam, Michael Rosenbaum, is chair of the social committee of the Kappa Omicron Kappa fraternity house. He`s best mates with Dave, Barry Watson and Doofer, Harland Williams. When the funds for the annual frat cruise disappear out of Adam`s safe, the three are accused of theft and chased out of the house. To try to get back in to recover a video tape that may prove their innocence they dress up in drag and move into the nearby sorority house Delta Omicron Gamma. The acronyms of the two houses say it all really. The K.O.K.`s are testosterone heavies, future leaders of the country which is scary, while the D.O.G.`s are social outcasts for reasons of looks or attitude. The president of the sorority is Leah, Melissa Sagemiller who finds herself becoming bosom buddies with Dave/Daisy. Honestly this is such a stupid story, it`s not to be taken seriously although the filmmakers do seem to want to make a point about frat boys` bad attitudes. It`s the work of director Wallace Wolodarsky who was a writer of The Simpsons and first time screenwriters Joe Jarvis and Greg Coolidge. What makes the film work on any level at all are the performances and the appearance of the three leads in drag - they take their roles seriously and they are really good. I found myself chortling away and was seriously ashamed and then I thought ah, I`m just going to enjoy the ride with this one. It`s not a major stretch intellectually but it has some good moments.