In Ancient Sparta, military strength was essential, boys were raised to be strong, unquestioning soldiers. Val Kilmer, as Robert Scott, is our Spartan. He?s a highly trained military operative, on the hunt for the US President?s kidnapped daughter, Laura Newton, played by Kristen Bell.The daughter has somehow become entangled in a white slavery ring and Scott heads up the search, along with new recruit, Curtis, played by Derek Luke. Also appearing is William H Macy, an old acting mate of Mamet?s - as a morally bereft political operative. Political ambitions complicate the rescue and the truth.With Mamet?s trademark sharp dialogue and rhythm, Spartan further explores his interest in how men talk to each other when they work. But despite Juan Ruiz-Anchia?s impressive cinematography, the film turns into a run of the mill, political thriller, with some implausible plot twists and predictable conspiracy theories. There?s also something lazy about making the kidnappers Arab ? further demonising them in Hollywood and Kilmer?s tough, mysterious character is as familiar as your toothbrush.

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1 hour 42 min