This immaculate realization of Stan Lee's comic book hero, picks up where the last film left off. The Green Goblin is gone. And has been replaced by Dr Octavius , Alfred Molina, a brilliant scientist who has dedicated his life to developing a new source of fusion energy. He reveals his discovery to the press which includes Peter Parker - Spiderman's alter ego. The demonstration goes horribly wrong and Octavius is transformed into the powerful, opponent now known as Doc Ock. Not only is Spiderman set to meet his greatest challenge, but the love of his life, Mary Jane, is about to marry another. Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire portray their characters with vulnerability and immense sensitivity. Raimi finally gives Spiderman the agility we all imagined he has. This is the epitome of what a block buster should be, far surpassing the first in style and construction. Your expectations will for once - be met, as you become a fly on the wall and get caught in his web. Comments by Megan Spencer In addition to the deep, tragic romance at its core, the rite-of-passage life crisis our lycra-clad superhero has during this sequel? The unreal action and SFX sequences that serve so well this excellent screenplay, the most striking quality about Spider-Man 2 is the vulnerability of its characters. We are made to care ? and care deeply ? for them right throughout. Spider-Man 2 is well-made, contains Sam Raimi?s wonderful, characteristic restraint and horror flourish? What?s not to like?!