Wallace is an efficiency expert, managing the high-profile downsizing of a major auto parts factory. But when he is hired to evaluate a small moccasin factory which seems from another era, Wallace has to reconsider the rapid modernisation he advocates, as he is confronted by the human faces such plans hurt.


Writers Max Dann and Andrew Knight have fashioned a gentle comedy, which like all good comedies, has something serious to say. Mark Joffe's subtle direction emphasises the slightly off-the-wall humour, and a first-rate ensemble cast provides wonderful characterisation. Ben Mendelsohn is a delight as the lovesick youth who yearns for the boss' daughter (Rebecca Rigg), without realising that a much nicer girl (Toni Colette) adores him. Russell Crowe is superbly slimy as an opportunistic member of Ball's sale staff.

Spotswood is a very Australian, very dry, very amusing film.


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1 hour 35 min
In Cinemas 09 October 1992,