Under the watchful eyes of the Old Monk, a Young Monk experiences the loss of innocence when play turns to cruelty; the awakening of love when a woman enters their closed world; the murderous power of jealousy and obsession; the price of redemption; the enlightenment of experience. Just as the seasons will continue to alternate until the end of time, so will the hermitage always remain a home for the spirit, hovering between now and forever...


Hidden away in a deep valley is a monastery floating on a lake. It is the home of a wise old monk in the winter of his existence. His charge – a young boy who is in the spring of his life – will not escape the passing of the seasons. Even though they're in the middle of nowhere, life has a way of intruding.The boy experiences a loss of innocence when his playful games with nature turn to cruelty and he learns there is a price to pay. The seasons move rapidly and soon it is the summer of his teenage years, and his sexual awakening.

Spring, Summer
is a true morality tale where the cycle of life and the power of the seasons ultimately take their toll. One extraordinary location, with beautiful cinematography and riveting performances – including one by the director himself. This is Korean cinema at its best.