Is it paucity of ideas that's making filmmakers turn to television of the 1970's for inspiration? We've seen with varying success Charlie's Angels, I Spy, The Mod Squad and S.W.A.T. and now comes Starsky & Hutch. This is the odd-couple pairing of two cops in mythical Bay City in the 70's. Starsky, Ben Stiller, believes there's no such thing as petty crime and will shoot to kill a purse-snatcher. He's trying too desperately to live up to the legendary reputation of his mother in the force. Hutch, Owen Wilson, has a much more laid-back attitude to crime, he's not above indulging in a little himself. Their discovery of a dead body in the bay is their first assignment together which leads them to Reese Feldman, Vince Vaughn. Reese is in the middle of a $35 million deal to sell New Cocaine which tastes and smells like artificial sweetener. The boys use all their contacts to solve the crime, but none is as valuable as Huggy Bear, Snoop Dogg. The satire on the 70's is really sweet. And rather than going for explosive action co-writer and director Todd Phillips has opted for comedy and succeeded amazingly. Apart from the skills of the two leads, Snoop Dogg is just wonderful and the scene with Will Ferrell as a potential snitch with particular sexual fetishes is side-splitting. Phillips, who made Road Trip and Old School, has really hit his comic stride with this. He's got the right ingredients and he mixes them splendidly.