Ousted from a town in New Hampshire for reasons we figure out along the way the production team of The Old Mill arrives in Waterford to make the film in a town that used to have a mill which burned down some years ago. Director Walt Price - William H. Macy is aghast at first and then pragmatism reigns. He asks screenwriter Joe White - Phillip Seymour Hoffman - to make the required changes. Joe has an artistic crisis but is helped by the town`s bookshop owner Annie - Mamet`s wife Rebecca Pidgeon. Into this already strained atmosphere comes lead actor Bob Barranger - Alec Baldwin who has a predilection - he calls it a hobby - for seducing underage girls and the film`s leading actress Claire Sarah Jessica Parker - who now finds it unacceptable to appear in the film nude...Mamet`s screenplay is an absolute delight, he`s obviously quite fond of the world of filmmaking that he knows is quite ghastly in some ways and is ambivalent about the values of small town America that the filmmakers are riding roughshod over. Baldwin was one of the executive producers on the film - and he`s a good sport to play such a sleaze and he`s excellent in the role. But the two stars are undoubtedly William H. Macy whose relationship with Mamet goes back to theatre in the early seventies - he`s brilliant as Price, and Philip Seymour Hoffman who just consolidates an already really impressive film career. A good screenplay and terrific casting is a good combination in any film.