Gary Kelp (Samuel Johnson) is haunted by the recent memory of his father's death. At work for a sterile organisation called The Info Digest', Gary is given a project that deeply disturbs him: he must condense a medical guide known as the 'Illustrated Family Doctor'. Slowly, methodically, Gary begins to experience the very symptoms he's having to describe. Gary's girlfriend Jennifer can't help him she's sick of their relationship and another woman (Jessica Napier) is causing serious complications too. His main ally at work, Ray Gill (Colin Friels) suddenly disappears and to top it all a mysterious underworld figure, Snapper Thompson, has begun to stalk Gary in the company corridors...

A unique and original film that may struggle to find an audience.

Kriv Stenders has tried to construct a unique and original film, bringing a meticulous vision to every aspect of his production. The cinematography and striking use of colour paint an antiseptic world in which Samuel Johnson\'s character, Gary Kelp, becomes increasingly isolated. The score, by Tom Ellard of Severed Heads fame, is minimal and stark, adding to the underlying unease this film creates. This is not a film for the faint hearted, it deals directly with some confronting subjects, and because of this it may have problems finding its audience.