Hating Alison Ashley is a coming of age story about teenagers dealing with their self-inflicted angst, their embarrassing parents, their friends and those they would call their enemies. Erica Yurken's life sucks: her family is an embarrassment, her acting genius is unrecognized and because of her name, she is nicknamed 'Yuk'. So from the moment the perfect Alison Ashley arrives at school, Yuk knows there is going to be trouble. Yuk has always felt superior to everyone at Barringa East, but Alison is everything Yuk has ever wanted to be. 

Unfortunately does not match Looking For Ali Brandi.

Robin Klein\'s book is a fabulously fun tale about the squabbles of 12 year olds, but by upping the age to Year 9 students it\'s less successful. Erika\'s melodramatic behaviour seems illogical. Fourteen-year-olds can certainly be difficult, but they are definitely more sophisticated than this film seems to think they are. There are some comic moments, but the laughs are inconsistent as the film combines so many different styles of comedy.This doesn\'t stop Saskia Burmeister from holding her own - she\'s very good. Delta Goodrem however, barely makes an impression.