The unnamed protagonist of Strange Fits Of Passion, appealingly played by Michela Noonan, is an attractive young Melbournite trying to lose her virginity. She shares a house with a couple of others, including her gay friend and confidante, Jimmy; she works in a bookshop; but she seems to have no family or social life, and she isn`t even entirely sure she`s straight. She rather fancies a handsome shoplifter, but loses him; will she ever find the right lover?... As in last week`s Virtual Sexuality, it`s a bit of a stretch to believe that such an attractive young woman has problems in the deflowering department but once you accept that premise there`s a lot to enjoy in writer-director Elise McCredie`s very modest film. Noonan provides a warm centerpiece in a movie where the marginal characters don`t register terribly strongly.Margaret`s comments:Writer/director Elise McCredie explores the burden of sexuality in a wry, unusual and ultimately interesting way that doesn`t `dumb down` its subject matter. Michela Noonan has a fresh, natural presence on screen and Mitchell Butel is excellent in his role as Jimmy.