A couple of former school mates renew acquaintances many years later, however their lives have taken very different paths. Paul is a larrikin motorbike courier seeing one of the girls from his work while Karl is, in fact, now living as woman, Kim. When Paul finds himself attracted to his former school friend, he makes a move and they wind up in court.

Tackles difficult terrain in film but you wish it had done so with greater credibility.

The British film industry is bubbling along very nicely at the moment with directors like Danny Boyle and Michael Winterbottom leading the charge... however I doubt that Different For Girls will go down as a modern English classic. It tackles an interesting theme - the relationship between a transsexual, Kim Foyle, played by Steven Mackintosh and a former schoolmate Prentice - Rupert Graves. They meet as Kim is establishing herself comfortably in life and career as a woman. Unfortunatley Prentice is still stuck in adolescence.Different For Girls is a debut big screen effort of director Richard Spence and producer John Chapman, based on Tony Marchant`s screenplay. Unfortunately the character of Prentice never rings true, despite the efforts of Rupert Graves. Steven Mackintosh puts in solid work in the difficult role of Kim, but the costume designer seems to have lacked inspiration here. The story of these two mismatched people is told rather self conciously, mainly because of the lack of conviction in the screenplay. Different For Girls is tackling difficult terrain in film, and while you have to give it credit for that, you wish it had done so with greater credibility.