Stuart Little 2 picks up where the first Stuart Little film ended 3 years ago. This sequel has the little mouse living happily with his brother, George, Jonathan Lipnicki, his baby sister, and his adoring parents, Mr and Mrs Little, Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis. The joke, of course, is that Stuart behaves as if he were a normal child, and everyone treats him as if he were human. So he gets to play soccer, and to drive his toy car around the streets of New York, and even fly a model plane. The family cat, Snowbell, is guardedly tolerant of him. Then romance comes into Stuart`s life when he meets Margalo, a pretty bird wounded by a vicious falcon. Margalo comes to live with the Littles, but she isn`t quite what she seems to be. The special effects are as seamless here as they were in the first film, which was also directed by Rob Minkoff, and young audiences, at whom the movie is aimed, won`t have time to get restless because the running time is so short. For adults, the pleasure is in the movie magic on display, and in the voices, especially Nathan Lane`s caustic Snowbell and James Woods` nasty falcon. Michael J. Fox once again handles the voice of the small hero and Melanie Griffith voices the duplicitous Margalo. It`s all very sweet and inoffensive.