Conjoined twins Bobby and Walt live a simple life in Martha's Vineyard. Walt has bigger dreams, he wants to travel to LA to pursue an acting career. Bobby is shy, but is eventually convinced to move to Hollywood with Walt. Once there they hire a geriatric agent, land a role oppostie Cher on a sitcom and eventually find fame and become celebrities. Although joined at the liver, the new-found fame begins to drive a wedge between the brothers.


Bo and Walt, conjoined twins, run a hamburger joint in Martha's Vineyard. Bo (Matt Damon) is the shy one; he's carrying on an e-mail relationship with a Chinese girl in LA, but he hasn't told her about his situation. Walt (Greg Kinnear) is much more outgoing; he wants to be an actor, and so, despite reservations from the reluctant Bo, the pair head for Hollywood where Walt finds a nubile girlfriend (Eva Mendes), a geriatric agent (Seymour Cassel), and a job acting opposite Cher in a sitcom. Bo, meanwhile, makes contact with May (Wen Yann Shih), but can't bring himself to explain that he can't be alone with her.

To The Farrelly Brothers goes the dubious distinction of making vulgar comedy acceptable with such admittedly funny efforts as Dumb And Dumber and There's Something About Mary. Stuck On You is a return to form after their last couple of pictures, largely thanks to the hilarious efforts of Matt Damon and, especially, Greg Kinnear as the twins. It is, in essence, a one-joke affair, but the joke's a good one, and there's plenty of opportunity for a strong supporting cast, including Cher, who gamely goes along with all the jokes about the decline of her career and her apparent taste for younger men, and an uncredited Meryl Streep, both of whom play it pretty straight. If nothing else, the film's worth seeing for Seymour Cassel's hilariously incompetent agent.