Successful author Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is on the last stop of his book tour in a Paris book shop, when he sees Celine (Julie Delpy), now an environmental activist, watching from the back of the room. He cannot believe it. After all, it has been nine years since they met on a train to Vienna, when they spent a memorable 14 hours together in conversation and lust. Filled with romantic notions, they had promised to meet again in six months. There is a little time before Jesse\'s plane home to New York, and he wants to make every moment count, with the girl who has been in his dreams for such a long time, as well as being the inspiration for his book.

An eloquent and sophisticated sequel.

Nine years after their one night romance in Before Sunrise, we reconnect with Jesse, Ethan Hawke, and Celine, Julie Delpy at a book signing in Paris. Jesse has only a couple of hours before he has to board a plane and go back to his life in the US. In real time we follow them around Paris, discussing what could have been. When they parted at the end of the first film, the couple had promised to meet 6 months later. It never happened. They were forced to get on with their separate lives. Through their conversation we are intimately drawn into the relationship and their dream of romantic love. They are older and more experienced yet still searching for deeper meaning. An eloquent and sophisticated sequel.