To survive the night, cops and criminals alike will have to unite and fight.

This is a grimy and riveting drama that doesn\'t let up. It is the English language debut from French director, Jean-Francois Richet, who is obviously a fan of Carpenter\'s original film by creating more of an homage than a remake. It\'s tightly directed, with extensive hand held camera work and powerful performances that effectively capture the claustrophobia and dread of the predicament. It\'s New Years Eve and one of Detroits oldest precinct police stations is closing down. With minimum staff on duty, Sergeant Jake Roenick played by Ethan Hawke is ready to shut up shop.Heavy snowfall has caused road closures, and a prison bus is diverted to the station. Its passengers include crime lord Marion Bishop, portrayed by Laurence Fishburne with his usual understated intensity. Before long, the isolated precinct comes under attack. Roenick assumes it\'s an attempt to break Biship free, but discovers something far more sinister. Cops and crims are forced into a tense alliance against the impending threat.Assault on Precinct 13 is one hell of an action thriller in the tradition of the poetically violent films of Sam Peckinpah.