It is summertime and Michele (Guiseppe Cristiano) is free to spend the long sunny days riding his bike and running through the wheat fields. Because there are only a few other children in the village, Michele often plays alone, and one day he discovers a hole in the ground, obscured by wheat, where a boy his age is chained and imprisoned. The boy has clearly been starved and mistreated, yet Michele approaches him fearlessly and attempts to make friends with him. Michele doesn't ask too many questions, nor does he draw conclusions about why the boy is in the hole, or who put him there. 

An unconventional thriller with accomplished performances.

Now the innovative adaptation of Niccolo Ammaniti's best selling novel, I?m Not Scared. This unconventional thriller takes place in a remote Italian village in the 1970s. Ten-year-old Michele (Giuseppe Cristiano) leads a poor but seemingly normal life, until his father returns from abroad. Playing in the field with his friends he stumbles upon a hole in the ground that contains a frightening secret. He discovers a boy – Fillipo (Mattia Di Pierro) – who has been chained to the hole. Michele's imagination soars as everyone in his life now becomes a suspect.

Director Gabriele Salvatores has created a vibrant and emotionally driven saga that contrasts the anguish and fear of its protagonists against the beauty and light of the corn fields of Southern Italy. The children are first time actors who deliver accomplished and intense performances. Breath taking cinematography coupled with a moving score makes this a must see movie for those willing to look beyond Hollywood.