Suzie Gold is in a crisis. Her younger sister is getting married and she doesn't even have a boyfriend, but her prospects improve when Anthony, the perfect Jewish boy asks her out. Her parents love him, but Suzie's not so sure. His idea of a first date is "Jews On Ice". She soon falls for the spunky ? but non-Jewish ? Darren, knowing that if her family knew they would be horrified. Eventually, Suzie is forced to figure out what she wants? Suzie Gold may not be original - it?s a merger of Bridget Jones' Diary and My Big Fat Greek Wedding ? with a sprinkling of Yiddish sayings, but it is a sweet comedy. It?s the debut feature for Director, Ric Cantor - a former writer for the British TV series, ALI G. Suzie's boisterous extended family provide the funniest moments and Cantor cleverly avoids turning them into cartoon characters. Summer Phoenix is charming and Iddo Goldberg, excellent as the smarmy Anthony Silver. If you've ever dated someone your parents disapproved of, then Suzie Gold will definitely appeal.