The question of the week is how come the lovely, the talented Cameron Diaz signed on for a film called The Sweetest Thing. Ostensibly a romantic comedy, it?s not funny and you can?t bring yourself to like any of the characters so it can?t be romantic either. Women acknowledging wearing unwashed knickers, semen stains on dresses, taunting each other, flicking off men, a disaster connection between a piece of body ornament and a set of tonsils, boys toilets rebounding on the girls, phony boobs inviting girls room feelies ? not funny in my book, or not the way it?s portrayed in this film. Diaz plays Christina a young woman living in San Francisco with two flatmates, Courtney, Christina Applegate and Jane, Selma Blair. Christina and Courtney play games as non-committing objects of desire for men ? dating is all about boundaries apparently. They?re there to support Jane when she gets dumped by her boyfriend and in the process of her rehabilitation Christina meets Peter, Thomas Jane, whom Courtney decides she ought to pursue as a game. It?s silly, it?s tasteless actually, Cameron Diaz is unflatteringly photographed, it was directed with a complete lack of inspiration or apparent purpose by one Roger Kumble who made Cruel Intentions and written by Nancy M Pimental, remember those names. I kept on calling the film The Sweet Nothing by mistake ? I was right.