A transplant New Yorker attempting to acclimate to Los Angeles, Mike Peters is struggling to both boost his comedy career and get over his last relationship. A self-proclaimed master of seduction, Mike's friend, Trent Walker, tries to show him how to make connections and get the attention of women. Slowly moving toward regaining his confidence, Mike meets the gorgeous and down-to-earth Lorraine, sparking a welcome new romance.


Mike (Jon Favreau) isn't really a "swinger". He moves to LA from New York after breaking up with the girl he adored, and is trying without success to get work as a comic. His friends want him to forget the girl he left behind and to play the field, and they take him on a trip to Las Vegas where his efforts at gambling – and sex – prove to dismally unrewarding. 

Singers is a sweet and funny film, made on a low budget by director Doug Liman, who also photographed it. Jon Favreau, who wrote the screenplay, is affecting and funny as the hopelessly maladroit Mike. Although there are a few slow patches, and you can see the ending coming a mile off, Swingers is a mostly engaging example of the burgeoning independent American cinema.

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1 hour 34 min
In Cinemas 18 October 1996,