When the world`s foremost computer hacker is killed while trying to enter the United States illegally Stanley Jobson - Hugh Jackman, the top hacker within the country, is wooed by the voluptuous Ginger - Halle Berry - to just talk to the elusive Gabriel Shear - John Travolta. But talking is not what Gabriel`s about, he`s into action as we witness in the opening scene of the film in which 22 hostages wired with 20 pounds of explosive are being held in a bank with dynamite results. Shear needs Stanley to access a CIA slush fund holding billions of dollars. And he`ll do anything to achieve his aims. Shear is, what do you call it?...oh yeah, he`s ruthless.. Dominic Sena who made Gone in 60 Seconds and Kalifornia was the director and there are not many questions about his ability in the action department, some of the sequences in Swordfish are quite spectacular. But his ability to lend coherence to plot is less obvious. Layer upon layer of spurious information is added to the film so that you`re left a bit befuddled except for the feeling that Shear`s the bad guy and Stanley`s not so bad because all he wants is to save his daughter from his embittered ex-wife`s second marriage to a porn king. Ultimately I felt the film gave way to right wing politics and the possibility of a sequel. Travolta does what he does so well, play mean charmingly, and Hugh Jackman is scruffily credible as his reluctant ally.