After hiding his loot and getting thrown in jail, Ruby (Jean Reno), a brooding outlaw encounters Quentin (Gérard Depardieu), a dim-witted and garrulous giant who befriends him. After Quentin botches a solo escape attempt, they make a break together. Unable to shake the clumsy Quentin, Ruby is forced to take him along as he pursues his former partners in crime to avenge the death of the woman he loved, and get to the money before they do.


Quentin, Gerard Depardieu, isn't quite the full quid. To be brutal, he's thick as a brick. When he robs a currency exchange, and all he can get from the cashier is yen, he just doesn't know what to do. But, to give him his due, he's a very friendly guy, and he acts a bit like a sloppy dog who's all over you whether you want him or not. He also likes to talk and, one way or another, he drives people mad - especially Ruby, Jean Reno, a hardened criminal and killer whose prison cell Quentin shares. Quentin talks and talks and talks (the film's French title means "Shut Up!"), while Ruby just glowers, and a one-sided friendship blossoms. Quentin even helps Ruby escape from prison, even though Ruby's own plans for a breakout are ruined in the process. Francis Veber's new comedy takes the odd couple premise to the max, and the result is a frequently funny farce given substance by the strong performances of the two leads. We've seen Jean Reno's stoic bad guy before, but Depardieu's simple-minded chatterbox is something new, and the actor is terrific in the role. Many scenes are hilarious but the film runs out of gas at about the time a pretty Albanian refugee enters the picture. Nevertheless, lovers of this kind of comedy should have a great time.

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1 hour 25 min