Well maybe it?s not so much the youth who are troubled, as the society they live in. Naomi Klein documented the birth of a movement against the corporations that drive our consumer society, in her 2001 best seller, No Logo. Now she?s turned her skills to documentary making with The Take, along with her husband, and fellow activist, director, Avi Lewis. Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein have captured some extraordinary and shocking footage in The Take, but be warned, some of the camerawork is rough and the editing unsophisticated. They also wear their ideology on their sleeve. Granted - we know exactly where they stand, but it can detract from the otherwise compelling argument. However, their choice to tell the story from the perspective of workers rather than through experts, is an astute one. We're presented with an intimate, human tale, which makes the broader theme of corruption and corporate greed, easier to swallow.