Eddy (Nick Moran) is from London's East End, where crime is a bit of a lark, when it's not imitation Kray Bros. His particular talent is card playing. Three of his mates (Jason Fleming, Dexter Fletcher, Jason Statham) pool their ill-gotten and legit gains to make up the stake to play poker at porn king Hatchet Harry's place. Eddy's good, but Harry's game is fixed, and he goes down to the tune of half a mill, payable in a week, or Barry the Baptist (real life villain, the late Lenny McLean) will cut off his digits. Eddy and his mates have to come up with money sharpish. How they do it (or not) involves drug dealers, ex-public schoolboys, antique shotguns and an assortment of lightweight and heavy duty criminals.

This is Tarantino, London style.

Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels is Tarantino, London style. This fast-paced, hugely entertaining comedy thriller bulges with colourful characters who speak with even more colourful accents.

One of the great strengths of the film is its ruthless mixture of suspense and humour - it`s a winner in both departments. And the fact that the cast is made up of new faces gives it a complete freshness, though British audiences, especially, will recognise football star Vinnie Jones, who plays a tough enforcer who, touchingly, always takes his young son to work with him.

Visually it`s a little rough at the edges, but that`s only because of its very low budget.