Charlie Le Blanc, Burt Reynolds, is a wealthy construction company owner with a very young wife, Lilly, Saffron Burrows. Knowing he hasn't long to live, Charlie wants to make sure Lilly really loves him before he leaves her his fortune, so he hires Jimmy Mulate, Peter Facinelli, to seduce Lilly, hoping she'll refuse. But Lilly finds out about Charlie's scheme and allows the seduction to take place. Set in New Orleans, this tasty thriller from Bill Bennett is closer to Kiss Or Kill than to The Nugget. Once you accept the film's premise, which might take a bit of a leap of faith, you should be entertained by this satisfying erotic thriller with its fine use of seedy locations and its tricky twists and turns. Burt Reynolds gives one of his best performances in some time, and Saffron Burrows proves again that she's adept at playing a contemporary femme fatale. As the fall guy, Peter Facinelli is also very effective. Bennett's direction is crisp and assured, though the characters in his film certainly are a pretty nasty bunch.

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1 hour 35 min