When John Connor was a boy, his life was threatened by a Terminator, sent from the future to eliminate him because, one day, he will lead the human race against the machines; but John and his mother were saved by a re-programmed Terminator. Now John's mother is dead and John himself, played by Nick Stahl, is living a lonely life on the fringe of society. By chance he meets vet Kate Brewster, Claire Danes, whose life seems to be linked with his; and they're both threatened by a formidable new Terminator, TX, Kristanna Loken. But all is not lost - the Big Guy's back!. Twelve years after the now classic action of Terminator 2, the story continues, this time with a new director, Jonathan Mostow, behind the camera, replacing James Cameron, who made his reputation with the first two films in the franchise. And the good news is that much of the excitement, suspense and humour have been retained. The film starts off superbly as the characters are introduced, and the scary prospect of the earth's destruction by nuclear holocaust is suggested. Within the first half hour there's an excitingly staged chase through suburban streets with the villainess driving a gigantic crane, which causes all sorts of destruction. Schwarzenegger is an actor with a very limited range, but in this film it doesn't matter; he growls out his few lines with aplomb and leaves the emoting to the rest of the cast. If the second half of the film isn't quite up to the opening reels, it's not all that drastic and fans should be able to look forward to yet another sequel - unless the film's star becomes Governor of California.