After an LA crime gang featuring two brothers violently hold up a jewellery shop, one of the surviving robbers make off with the loot, which leads to a game of cat-and-mouse amongst the crims.

There\'s a freshness to this heist-gone-wrong flick with Keitel at the centre of the violence.

In City Of Industry Harvey Keitel is back where he belongs in film; he`s Roy, a crim, he`s as tough as an old boot and starting to look like one. He`s been called to Los Angeles by his younger brother Lee - Timothy Hutton - to help out in a diamond heist. The two other members of the gang are Jorge - Wade Dominguez - and Skip - Stephen Dorff. You have a bad feeling about this robbery. When things inevitably fall apart Roy is left to pick up the pieces, get revenge and find the loot. He finds a reluctant ally in Jorge`s wife Rachel, played by Famke Janssen, and then he sets off after his quarry...There`s a lot to like in City Of Industry - Keitel`s performance and that of Famke Janssen are terrific; the narrative is strong, although at the beginning you do feel as if you`ve seen it all many times before - not another `heist gone wrong` film - but there`s a freshness to city of industry; director John Irvin has chosen stark, striking locations, the relationship that develops between Roy and Rachel has an interesting texture to it. However, it`s very violent - be warned - and there is one very strange continuity glitch...also Skip`s Chinese and African American connections seem a bit forced. Stephen Dorff is actually very effective as the volatile Skip. You wouldn`t think City Of Industry would be the sort of film to appeal to director John Irvin - he made Widow`s Peak, A Month By The Lake and The Wrong Robin Hood, but he also made Raw Deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He`s actually managed to create a riveting world with this film, with Harvey right back at the centre of the violence where he looks comfortable.