From the moment he was born Patrick, Bruce Cook, farted in excessive and cataclysmic ways. He alienated his father who left, his mother and sister resent him, and all his fellow school students are understandably repulsed by his unfortunate affliction. All, that is, except Alan, Rupert Grint, a genius nerd who thinks he may have an answer for Patrick's problem. It's a contraption which he calls Thunderpants. Directed by Peter Hewitt of The Borrowers fame Thunderpants is a film aimed squarely at the under tens who presumably like a bit of rudeness mixed with cruelty. The film is about how Patrick uses his affliction, with the help of Alan, to achieve his dream of becoming a spaceman. He's waylaid into helping the career of the second best tenor in the world played by Simon Callow before getting involved with agents from the US space program played by Paul Giamatti and Ned Beatty. With performances to match the bizarre nature of the story, Thunderpants is an odd little offering to the range of holiday movies in cinemas at the moment.

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1 hour 23 min
In Cinemas 01 January 1970,
Thu, 01/01/1970 - 20