In 1991, five young wannabe musicians, Sonny, Damon Gameau, Ben, Stephen Curry, Sam, Callan Mulvey, Lloyd, Ryan Johnson and Ronnie, Sam Worthington, attend an AC/DC concert and try in vain to crash an after-concert party. Just as they're about to grab a taxi outside the party venue, they are distracted by a poster of AC/DC's late lead singer, Bon Scott; the taxi they were about to take crashes, and they take this as an omen, vowing that when the first of them dies, the others will scatter his ashes on Bon Scott's grave in Fremantle.

Twelve years later they've gone their separate ways - Ben works in a supermarket, Lloyd's a drug dealer in fear of Asian Triads, Ronnie, married to the bitchy Molly, Rachel Gordon, is a record producer; Sonny is unemployed and lives in his parents' garage. When Ronnie dies after being struck by lightning, the others decide to keep their vow and head across the Nullabor.

The idea of a road movie involving friends keeping a vow to scatter the ashes of one of their mates in a specific location isn't exactly new - remember Fred Schepisi's wonderful film, Last Orders. But this frequently funny production makes it all seem pretty fresh, thanks to a bouncy screenplay by director Darren Ashton and Shaun Angus Hall (the latter has a very amusing supporting role and participates in the final end of credits joke which you MUST stay to see!).

Ashton's direction is skillful, the production values are tops and the performances are excellent. It's a pity Sam Worthington's character drops out of the film early on, but the other members of the quartet are excellent, especially Stephen Curry's indecisive Ben and Damon Gameau's frustrated Sonny. There's a great supporting cast, too - and a fine use of location (although it does seem that the same stretch of road is called upon to form the backdrop of too many scenes). Apart from one unfortunate descent into toilet humour, the film's liveliness and cinematic smarts succeed in making it the best Aussie production in quite a while.

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