Some high school friends gather aghast at one of their mate`s weddings....not for them, they vow and to show their staunchness they throw money into a kitty for the last man left standing..... the last man to stay single. Seven years later there are just two of them - Michael - Jerry O`Connell and Kyle - Jake Busey (son of Gary). Michael in a moment of complete silliness gambles away $50,000 he doesn`t have in Vegas. The only thing that`s going to get him out of trouble is the kitty which over the years has grown to $500,000. But that means he`s got to marry Kyle off to the only woman Kyle`s ever confessed to feeling anything for. She`s Natalie - Shannon Elizabeth, a woman with her own agenda.......Tomcats, written and directed by Gregory Poirier who wrote See Spot Run, falls into a lot of traps that put it amongst the least likeable films of recent memory. Trying to follow in the tradition of films like There`s Something About Mary and American Pie Tomcats forgets first of all to be at all witty, it merely grosses out with grannies who are into bondage and bouncing cancerous testicles. But what resonates so strongly with this film is its overt denigration and fear of women. In this day and age it`s primitive. But ultimately every character, none of them well played by the way, is of the least interest. Half a star because a zero would give it too much status.Comments from David StrattonA moderately amusing entry into the vulgarity stakes, thanks to the engaging performances. There are some witty lines ("I love the smell of bridesmaids in the morning") but a dispensable sub-plot involving a demure librarian. If we must have yuk comedies aimed at young men, this is a reasonably bearable example of the genre.

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