A young Greek boy (Fanis) grows up in Istanbul and adopts his culinary grandfather's philosophy to life: that food and life both require a little pinch salt to give them flavour. Fanis becomes an excellent cook in his own right and and uses his cooking skills to spice up the lives of those around him, but forgets himself in the process.

A beautiful and eloquent portrayal of the migrant experience.

A Touch of Spice is a grand and eloquent production.

Director Boulmetis incorporates computer graphics to convincingly recreate historical sequences. Three actors take on the role of Fanis. The most touching of all is the youngest, played with great sensitivity and humour by Markos Osse.

Beginning his story from the perspective of the child, Boulmetis gracefully avoids heavy handed politics, to offer a more universal statement about cultural displacement. This is an uplifting and inspiring film experience.