Harry Ross (Paul Newman), a detective, lives in semi-retirement in Santa Monica on the estate owned by his movie-star friends, Jack (Gene Hackman) and Catherine Ames (Susan Sarandon). When Harry delivers a package as a favor to Jack, he finds fellow private dick Lester Ivar (M. Emmett Walsh) dying from a bullet wound. Harry checks out Ivar's apartment, where he uncovers information relating to the disappearance of Catherine's first husband. Ross enlists a former lover, LAPD Lt. Verna Hollander (Stockard Channing), and receives unsolicited assistance from feckless chauffeur Reuben Escobar (Giancarlo Esposito). Ex-cop and former studio security chief Raymond Hope (James Garner) also seems to know a thing or two about the case.


This aptly-titled film stars a noticeably ageing Paul Newman as Harry Ross, a Private Investigator who hasn`t achieved very much during his life. On assignment to Mexico to track down the errant teenage daughter, Reese Witherspoon, of former movie stars Jack and Catherine Ames (Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon), Harry is accidentally shot in the groin. A couple of years later, the lonely Harry, a recovering alcoholic is living in a room above the garage at the Ames` house; Jack Ames is very ill, and Harry is strongly attracted to his immensely sympathetic wife. But matters take a dark turn when Jack asks Harry to deliver a package....This beautiful film by Robert Benton covers no new ground but for lovers of the mystery genre - and admirers of the great actors up on the screen - it`s a genuine treat. The plot is fairly predictable, but it doesn`t really matter; Benton`s elegant handling of the material ensures that it`s the characters you`ll remember. James Garner is a welcome presence as one of Harry`s former colleagues; Gene Hackman gives a powerful portrayal of a sick but determined man; Susan Saranadon simply glows as Hackman`s wife; and Paul Newman still displays grit and old-fashioned star power, making his tired, disappointed investigator the film`s richest character. Twilight is a film about mortality, a slightly melancholy mystery, beautifully produced and directed, and with a haunting music score by Elmer Bernstein. Very classy entertainment.