Jessica Shepard, Ashley Judd, is a cop who's just been promoted to Inspector in the Homicide division of the San Francisco police by her mentor and adopted father the Police Commissioner John Mills, Samuel L. Jackson. He reared her after his partner, her father went on a rampage, killing her promiscuous mother in the process. Jessica is a woman troubled by her past who uses alcohol and sex with strangers to ease the pain. The first assignment with her new partner Mike Delmarco, Andy Garcia, is the investigation of a body found in the waters of the Bay. She recognises the dead man as one of her past lovers. The trouble is that bodies of two more past lovers are discovered in quick succession on nights when Jessica has drunk herself into a blind stupor. She starts suspecting that she herself might be the murderer.There are so many good ingredients in this film, not just the cast, but the director Philip Kaufman has been responsible for some outstanding films, like The Right Stuff, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Henry and June. He must have had a momentary blackout himself to take on Sarah Thorp's screenplay which is so full of implausibilities that suspension of disbelief is virtually impossible. It's another thriller that telegraphs whodunit way before the highly suspect ending. Kaufman's visual skills are just not enough to overcome the shortcomings of plot. And yet, there is a guilty pleasure in watching Ashley Judd, who is beautiful, and Andy Garcia who isn 't in very much these days. But I want to know how shipping finds its way around all those dead bodies they're finding in San Francisco harbour lately?

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