In New York City, 10-year-old Gabe (Josh Hutcherson) forms a friendship with Rosemary (Charlie Ray) a girl his own age who attends his karate class. At first just sparring partners, the two become gradually closer over a few summer weeks, forcing Gabe to wrestle with the nature of his feelings for her.

A sweet film with no surprises.

Gabe Burton - Josh Hutcherson, is eleven years old and completely uninterested in girls. But when he\'s partnered at Karate with Rosemary Telesco (Charlie Ray), Gabe is love struck. With Rosemary about to go to summer camp, Gabe must find the courage to express his love. This small-scale look at romance and the tween, relies too heavily on Gabe\'s voiceover. It borders on the sickly sweet, but redeems itself through Hutcherson\'s charming performance. Plus it\'s an eye opening tour of Manhatttan - from the perspective of our 4 foot friends - kids .